The concept of action refers to both the talent we attract to create our sites as well as the outcomes from the goals.

While we work mostly with local clients, we use accomplished talents from around the world to create sites that accomplish goals. Through years of cooperative development and talent sharing we have created a worldwide network of resources.

We work closely with our local clients to ansure that we have a good understanding of their needs. Once we have set the goals and scope of the project we draw upon our network to complete the project on time and on budget.

Some of the most talented designers we know are in Australia. These designs trend to have an Eastern influence of efficiency and simplicity, while they are very modern appealing to our clients.

The best custom application developers are just south of the border. The Chicago area in particular has a lot of skilled and forward thinking developers that are reputable, provide great support for their code, and have been a great asset in the development of interactive tools and custom website functions.

While only a few years ago a comprehensive online strategy was for the large enterprises only. With today's technology and CGA Web Design's focused approach of global design and development for small businesses, a complete goal oriented internet strategy can be be accomplished on almost any budget.